Pink Floyd Pro Use

I have a Pro Use DSOTM in Beautiful condition as well as a Japanese pressing of The Wall with the Blue fold over OBI. Need to turn some cash...both are near mint, what is the market value for these?
Roxy is correct. If you do an auction you can set a reserve for the lowest price you will take for your records. If the highest bid does not meet your reserve there is no winner. You can also do this on ebay or discogs or other sites for a wider set of potential buyers.

You can also list them in a classified for the price you would like to receive and see what kind of offers you get. You then have the ability to lower the price or let the ad expire if you're not getting offers at your preferred price.

If you want to get top dollar you may have to go through this process more than once to find that buyer willing to pay top dollar.
Now, to answer your question, there is a website,, that lists the results of auctions for records. That site may help you determine the value of your records.