Pink Floyd LPs

I just thought I'd share with you what I just picked up at a thrift store. I found a half speed "audiophile pressing" of Wish You Were Here (HC 33453) in very good condition and Dark Side of the Moon (SMAS-11163). The sleeve is nice and the record is mint. I don't think this record was out of the leeve many times as there isn't a dust particle on it. The two posters are still inside along with two Pink Floyd stickers.
These items set me back $2.00 minus 25%.
The DSOTM cover has a hole punched in the top right corner. What is the purpose of this?
Growing up, I had an uncle who worked at a radio station, and he often gave me records that had holes punched in the corner, or had a piece of the corner cut off. This was to show the records were demos and not for retail sale, much like CDs today with holes drilled through the jewel case.

The hole punch means it's a cutout or promo. This means it was sold at a very low price or was sent out to radio stations or given away to promote the record. Promos usually have stamps or stickers stating they are promos though. Promos are usually early pressings which are better.

Nice score.
What does Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Pink Floyd have in commom

Give Up

Their last big hit was "The Wall"
It would be nice to see audiophile pressings of their whole catalog. At least the ones with Roger Waters in the band.
The Odeon Japan issue LP's are the best for pre Wish You Were Here LP's. Then CBS/Sony Japanese for WYWH through The Final Cut. Wish You were here, The Wall, and A Collection of Great Dance Songs are available in Half Speed Master series. For Dark Side of the Moon there are several Audiophile pressings. MFSL UHQR, MFSL standard pressing, EMI Centential pressing, EMI 30th anniversary pressing, Japanese Pro-Use pressing. The BEST sounding Pink Floyd solo LP is Roger Water's Amused to Death pressed in Holland. It's a 2xLP direct metal master. Not many were pressed and currently sealed copies can set you back $300 or more. I'm glad I bought mine new when it first came out.
The whole punch could mean that it was not sold and thrown out in the garbage.
I have seen 45s with holes punched in them and that was the case, they punch holes into them and throw them out.
Promos usually have "not for sale" "DJ" a white label and a gold stamped cover with "promotional use only" stamped on it.
If interested i have a very rare copy of dark side of the moon with both sides marked as side one!
my brother in law used to work for a local newspaper and he did record reviews. the newspaper would send him all the new releases. he'd listen to them and than write a review for the paper. i remember most of the albums had a perfect hole in the top corner. this was done to prevent him for selling the albums or atleast dropping the value of the album to make it not worth selling.

hope this helps.
If you are a pink Floyd fan and have never heard Nektar go fix that right now.
Holes punched out and cut corners are over pressed and usually compromised pressings. They were either thrown out or sold for a big discount. As indicated above.....promos have white labels and stickers indicating as such......and yes, they sound better. On the other hand.....holes and cut corners are on the other side of the spectrum and usually not worth having. However, you might get lucky and it might sound good.....give it a spin.
If the audiophile pressing of wywh is on Columbia you might want to Google it. There were two pressings,one was recorded out of phase.
I believe Raymonda has it correct.
Those with holes in the corners or had cut corners, we not of lower quality. They were left over inventory that remained once the sales began to drastically taper off. It was either get stuck with them and the major storage problems they would create, or blow them out. They chose to blow them out and marked them this way to prevent full price return/exchanges.