Pink Floyd in HI REZ......finally

From EMIs website May 10th, 2011....looks like we'll finally get what many Floyd fans have been waiting for.

"Very exciting news today that there will be a new major release campaign for Pink Floyd encompassing CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, SACD, an array of digital formats, viral marketing, iPhone Apps and a brand new signel-album ‘Best Of’."

Can't wait.
I can't wait to buy them all again!
It is about time! Hopefully they will do the Post Waters Pink Floyd as well. Thanks for the heads up, my life has meaning again!!
Whoohooo! I know what I'm getting for Xmas.
No-one can have too many copies of Pink Floyd. I've had them in vinyl, 8 track, cassette, and CD. Several times over in many cases. Now I'll buy them again... I'll pass on the Best Of though. Floyd should only be listened to by their original albums. In their entirety. Thanks for the heads up.
Day 2: Still excited!!
I'd rather have a couple of discs of rarities than another issue of remasters.
I agree on not being too excited about the whole remaster thing (although it looks like they're pulling out all the stops)....I'm not excited for all the extras and stuff......I just want the SACDs. Long time coming, and I'm sure they'll sell a ton of them.
Here they come
The Dark Side of the Moon SACD was no better than the red book version . I hope they don a better job with the rest .
Too good to be true. Why on earth would they spend time and money creating SACD, Blu Ray, and DVD?
I'll believe it when I see it.
Until then, their vinyl is very good.
Wow, I guess I have to eat my words!
There's an all audio DVD (but I don't think it's a DVD-A, unfortunately) and a audiovisual blu ray.
And there are separate LPs available. Pricey stuff though.
DVDA has pretty much given way to DVD video but can still offer hi resolution.
The audio on DVD video isn't as high resolution as it was on DVD-A, is it?
I think DVD-A was 24/96. Isn't DVD 24/48?
It depends on how much video and whether there is surround Achilles.