Pink Floyd Imersion set DVD-audio disk wont play

Tried to play the "DVD-Audio Only" disk in my wifes Acura which has a DVD-Audio player. I get the "bad disk" message. Is this a DVD-Audio disk? Is there more than one format or..?
Can anyone elaborate on whats up please?
Thanks, John
I checked the DSOTM Immersion Box Set at Amazon and none of the discs were described as DVD-A. There were cds, dvds and a bluray disc. Pop it into your dvd player and it should play.
The disk itself says "DVD-Audio only". I find it strange that it would not be DVD-A.
I just reported what I found on Amazon, which I checked because no one had answered your question. That's all I know. I don't have the set.

You can keep trying to get it to play in your DVD-A player if you want to. It may play eventually.