Pink Floyd FINALLY Releases Live At Pompeii

Waited over 30 years, got the Dark Side, tomorrow Pompeii (at Best Buy), hopefully Wish You Were Here next.
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Is this released on SACD? If so - then me wants....
I don't know about SACD, the DVD release will be on the shelves tomorrow and that's where I'll be right after work, so you can listen AND watch. They did a great job on both the CD and DVD for the Dark Side.
What year is this show?
No idea what you are talking about.
Live At Pompeii has been out on video for years,the DVD has no new extra original footage.
Also what do you mean for Wish You Were?
The album has been remastered three times in the 90's including the most recent excerpts on Echoes.
There is also the Mastersound release which still sounds great.
I believe "73", don't quote me, I'm picking it up after work today (DVD), if there still left.
The DVD contains a new "director's cut", as well the original concert performance. I don't know what has been added to the movie as I have not seen the original movie.

The picture quality is very good (I have the european PAL version), and the sound is OK. This recording would definitely not benefit from SACD treatment, so you can safely get the DVD. It's an essential document of pop history, and very enjoyable.
The new directors cut has had new scenes cut in that that are visual(e.g psychedelic effects) and are not of the band playing,there is no new material filmed or otherwise of Pink Floyd on this disc.
The original version is on the disc and according to the critics is preferable to the so-called new version.
Perhaps the print is better.
Stil no idea what Rx8man means about WYWH.
Just to make it very clear: the original movie is not on the DVD.

The disc contains the new director's cut and, in a different chapter, the music scenes filmed in the Pompeji Auditorium, without all the other footage (studio scenes, scenery).

If you want the original movie, you must get the VHS tape
As far as music only,how much better can "wish you were here" sound??
The JVC XRCD is remarkable and the original vinyl release and digital remasters are not far behind the JVC.
How far can you go? :~)
Hi Ben!
Ben, Rx8man refers to the "Dark side of the moon" DVD, the recent documentary which contains all the studio footage that is shown in the Pompeji video plus new interviews etc
Ornette still doesn't explain his comments about Wish You Were Here-I know about the DSOM DVD-his original post is factually wrong since this material(Pompeii) has been about for years and years.
Apologies about saying the orignal was on the disc,I must have picked that up wrong from the fact that the original concert footage is there.
For years I waited for a DVD release. Two months ago I broke down and bought the tape! I will buy the DVD nonetheless. I think it's a phenomenal film because it catches the band at a very crucial moment in their career, and the concept of playing in the empty amphitheater is quintessentially floydian.
I should have been a little clearer, there was not enough character space to insert the words "On DVD" in my thread title. Ben, I was wrong assuming that a possible DVD release would be released on WYWH, I did a search and it turns out that Delicate Sound Of Thunder and a Pulse DVD are being released shortly instead ( I was off by one year on the original Pompeii release, it was 72.
No worries Rx8man-enjoy!
I just hope it sounds better than the bootleg LP version I picked up 20 years ago. The music is fantastic, the pressing quality.... wellllllll... I have heard worse.

The directors cut DOES contain the original performance along with the new version.
I bought it a few days ago and I do prefer the original.
After re-reading this thread I stand corrected.
I still prefer the 'cut down' original on the DVD.The directors cut is just too long and full of filler special effects.