Pink Floyd DSOTM in various versions

Hi All

As a rather die-hard 'Dark side of the Moon' fan from way back, over the years I have acquired various pressings and cd's of this classic. I'm curious if my findings echo any others here.

Tonight I dragged (drug?) out four versions and set to it. Two vinyl and two cd. One Capitol pressing and one Dutch EMI pressing on white vinyl. One MFSL gold and one SACD.

After comparison between the bunch, mainly with the track 'Us and Them' for consistent comparison- I found favor for the EMI pressing as it was across the board more involving along with better imaging and believable horn and voice. The MFSL was a very close second with the SACD version a rather distant third.

I found this a little surprising and also dissappointing. It got me to thinking I might consider to invest in another vinyl pressing, this time in one of the upper end vinyl Japanese or other mfr.

Any comments on either my finding here or what may be a good choice for the 'absolute' version of this classic?

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The Dutch pressing released last year was not terribly impressive. I'd try Japanese definitely from the original release period if you can find it.
The Japanese pressings are usually the best.
I own the Japanese pressing, the British Harvest pressing and the Mobile Fidelity pressing on LP. The Japanese is the best of the 3.
Japanese pressings have a certain sound and often are from 2nd generation masters or so I've been told, although they use superior vinyl compound and are very clean. You're right, Us and Them is my favorite track to compare. What about a MFSL vinyl pressing? always for sale on ebay. I used to have one years ago. I've been told the British Harvest is a good pressing. I prefer Holland pressings of columbia label recordings, esp. Weather Report and Santana. I've tried them all -- U.S.,Japan,U.K.,Holland. I don't know anything about the cd's or sacd's
The MFSL limited release gold version of the dark side is very good for a CD.
I have the Japanese Pro-Use LP and the Harvest CD (first US version -- actually pressed in Japan as US did not have manufacturing facilities back then).

The LP smokes everything it has been A/B'd with over the years. Of course I no longer have a turntable and rely on the kindness of strangers for a good listen evey now and then.
I also have the Japanese Pro-Use version LP, the MFSL Gold CD and a US Harvest LP. The Pro-Use LP has the best sound by a lot. Grab one if you see it.

Dscokel is absolutely correct about the Japanese Pro-Use DSOTM. I rebuilt my crossover in December and wanted to listen to all my old favorites (now that the speakers are burned in), so I listened to it last night. Just incredible. I also have The Beatles "Abbey Road" Pro-Use and it's wonderful.
What are the "pro-use" pressings? how does one find them?
Details of what the Pro-Use is can be found here:

Send me a envelope with large unmarked bills and I will "find" you one. Seriously, I have seen them on eBay occasionally and I have not seen them for less than $150.
Thanks for the cool link.

I'm happy to hear there are others that have found the vinyl versions spanking the cd versions.

I'm feeling a little retro grouchy lately, who'da thought I'd be looking at my system with tubes and vinyl and feel it a step up over my cute little cd/ss systems in the recent past.