Pink Floyd concert DVDs


I've been searchig around on Tower Records, DVD Empire etc for two Pink Floyd Concerts on DVD--Pulse and The Delicate Sound of luck so far. I have these on laser disc, but alas, that player is not hooked up in the is a relic now...

Stumbled on a website that does have them listed as for sale, but am little leary of purchasing since if anybody had them available I'd have thought it woulda been where I've already looked...and the website where I found them looks a little suspicious (no phone #, address etc).

Does anyone know if these two concerts were ever released on DVD and some suggested sources to buy them?

Pulse will be released on DVD 1/16/2006 ... Guess I can't put it on my Xmas list.
The newest release date for Pulse is Jan 17. It's never been released on DVD, the ones you see for sale are bootleg copies of either a VHS or your Laser. Don't know about DSOT.
I have the copies of Delicate Sound and Pulse in question and they are better than VHS but not as good as my laserdiscs by far in sound and not quite as good in video quality. They are real DVDs but not official releases. Wait for the real releases. I suspect they will be much better and offer many extras.
Hi, I was looking for the same thing.
There WAS a release date set BEFORE X-Mas,
DUE to the G8 Reunion, However
IF you share the same taste as me,
you MIGHT want to check out the
Journey-Live in Houston 1981 MTV concert.
I`ve been waiting YEARS for this to come out!
It JUST got into stores within the last 2 weeks.
ALSO, check out the RUSH R30 double DVD!
It has their videos from the 1970`s, like
Circumstances, La Ville Strangioto,
These are 2 DVD`S that I WANT!
I too have been waiting years for the "Roger-less" DSOT. I did buy the same live version on cd. There is a studio and a live verson;on cd, and the studio just don't have the same energy.
a side note

commercially availible is

live in Pompeii
making of DSOTM
Roger Waters Live
Dave Gilmore live
all worthy choices
Roger Waters The Wall Berlin 1990 is available.
PULSE has been delayed again now to Jan 31st.
DSOT has not even been slated for DVD release so for now I have to live with my Laserdisc version, or my Betacam SP edited version.