Pink Floyd and Weed

Really enjoying some Pink Floyd, the Division Bell. Hi-Res download from my PC to my DAC. Anyway, listening to my headphones and noticing way less bass than through my main speakers, nothing I can adjust. My headphone playback is through a modified Musical Fidelity Amp going to a set of Sennheiser HD600 phones, is it the headphones or the amp sucking the bass life out of the music?

If necessary, I can replace the headphones or the amp, but not both.


The HD600's are wired correctly, the connectors on them are keyed in a way, one large and one small pin on each connector, you would have to use quite a bit of force to wire them out of phase.
I have fumbled a bit with J-River and am concerned I'll mess things up if I am not careful. I am using Media Center 23. It sounds like you have a more in-depth understanding of J-River. Any way you could share something like a fault tree that can get me to these settings? Anyone out there with J-River that might be able to help? Thanks!
@grm  No worries glad to help but you still haven't said, is bass light on everything or just the Floyd.  Anyway, J-River is dead easy. Pick TOOLS from the menu bar, bottom choice OPTIONS.In the main box you have a list, the first choice is Audio Device, second is Settings.  Usually the only choice under Settings is "DSP & output format", choose that. In the new box along the left side is a list of functions ; equalizer, room correction lots of fun tools.  The last one is the Analyzer, select it with a track playing and you see a graph of the sound level/freq.  Don't worry about messing settings up it's a computer app.  If you get way out of whack chose the default preset.  Also you are usually asked if you want to save changes before exit.  The analyzer is just for fun but is very interesting in what it displays. For simple checks involving boosts and cuts just to see what happens the plain old equalizer is the place to start.
The bass through my HD600's is light on everything. Through my main speakers everything is fine and it's not just the Floyd recording.

I have printed out your navigation instructions for J-River, I really like the app and what it can do. I'll be trying your suggestions with it right after this post, many thanks!
Adjusting the equalizer in J-River did the trick, many thanks! At some point I think I would like to invest in a new headphone amp, with the Quicksilver high on my list.

Happy listening!