Pink Floyd 16 CD Brick Set-Quality??

Has anyone had a chance to listen and compare this set that came out earlier this year? I am curious if it is a comparable re-master quailty to say a MFSL re-master.
I have most of these oneither LP or CD and this would be one way to complete my "Pink Floyd" indulgence. I just hate to spend 250 plus/minus if the recordings are mediocre.
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I have owned this since it came out and have found the mini-LP style packaging and the sound quality to be very good. I have many different versions (MFSL, other remastered CDs from various sources, various SACDs) of several Pink Floyd disks and find their quality extremely good as well however the 16 CD 'brick' box set allows me to go to one set for all my PF listening if I so desire.