Pines of Rome Living stereo Orig vs reissue

I am listening to the original pressing of Pines of Rome and it is spectacular. The 200 gram version does not come close in air, naturalness, depth and great balance of sound. It sounds pretty real. It is amongst the best recordings I own. This record is a true gem and a must for anyone that loves music. The bass is great and very full. Awesome, simply awesome. How is the 180 gram version from Classic?
The differences between the 180 and 200 gram Classic Records reissues are minimal - it's the same mastering, same metal work. On the other hand, the 45rpm reissue of the Reiner Pines of Rome is superb and well worth acquiring if you can find it.
It is important what lacquer you are referring to when talking about the "original". The 1s Pines is vastly superior in low bass thunder and dynamic to any later pressing.
This was called back by RCA because of too high dynamic swing and reported distortion by many customers and reviewers of the day.
The later lacquers are all more "conservative" in dynamics and maximum bass modulations.
I do notr know if it is a 1s. How would I find out?
Look in the dead wax area past the inner groove. Mine has the following on side 1: K2 RY4735 1S. The last number + letter is commonly used as the lacquer or stamper designation. BTW, the 5s of this is also a prized stamper if you can find it.