Pin out on Benz Micro ACE Low Red

I just got a "new" Benz-Micro ACE low output (Red) cart., and since only the green band is on one of the pins, I can't tell where the heck to put the other cables.

Words of wisdom?

I doubt it if there is a difference as far as pin out for the Lo, Med, and High series.

For the ACE M that I have it is like this:

Looking directly at the back (stylus pointing down).

Upper Left = White
Lower Left = Blue

Upper Right = Red
Lower Right = Green

The color sequence as described by Amandarae is identical to my ACE Lo. Good luck.
Sweeeeeet, you guys rock - so quick to respond.

Thanks a ton!

Just figured that I'd chime in that this is the same as my ACE High output. That makes the hat trick for answers.....