Pimping your router

1. Use a wired router only
2. If wireless router is needed, separate router for wifi
3. only streamer, NOTHING ELSE connected 
4. use LPS to feed router
5. use shortest possible quality cable to streamer
6. use Acoustic Revive RLT-1 filter on spare router or streamer port
7. wrap router and LPS in EMI/RFI shielding material
8. use EMO EN70-HD filter near streamer for ethernet connection
9. use quality shielded cable between router and internet access point

All of these will individually improve your streaming SQ, in aggregate the effect is significant
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Actually that button is on the very bottom of the thread that I just minutes ago. All good stuff folks!
Weird, it shows up on a different part of your screen. Glad you found it.
Reading some of these posts..  you would think the Ethernet data makes it to its destination only by luck…
Yet we know that the data all makes it intact and bit perfect thanks to various levels of hardware and software self checking and CRC. Yet somehow the 1’s and 0’s are going to sound better via some magic cables or whatnot. Yet critical data using “non-audiophile” methods launching missies, banking, etc… all continue working just fine..  
Makes you wonder why those same  1’s and 0’s all intact and verified will sound better via extraneous methods and mediums.. 
What a fun hobby..

the issue isn‘t the integrity of data packets nor their sequencing: it is the extraneous RFI/EMI and ground level grunge travelling alongside the data and having a nefarious impact on the re-conversion in the analogue domain. And: no, the noise rejection built into digital interfaces does not manage to reject that noise incursion fully. Hence all the rigmarole.
Enjoy the music
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