Pilot SA-232 Schematics?

Hello, does anyone in the forum have a copy of the Pilot SA-232 schematics? I have also been looking for the Fisher 30-A schematics. Thank you very much for your help!!
You can always get them from auctions or SAMs photo fact for $25
The last time I checked, photocopies cost 5 cents a page, not $25.00. So again, any one who has it and willing to share, it'll be greatly appreciated. In return, you can have my entire list of schematics free of charge (for whatever they are worth...which I believe is $0).

Dynaco (ST-70, MK3, MK4), Leak (20, 50, 60), Eico (HF-35, 50, 60, 86), McIntosh (240), Fisher (SA-100, 20-A). So if you need them, want them or are just curious, its yours...free.
A very kind gentleman has e-mailed me a detailed copy of what I requested for Fisher 30-A. Thanks a million, W!! I will see if I can purchase a copy of the Pilot SA-232 schematics somewhere and then make it available to everyone here.
I need scematic of Pilot SA-230 and 240
Please help.
I have a lot of others schems and am ready to gift it.