Pilot 245A Integrated tube amp

I recently brought Pilot 245A with all Telefunken tubes except 5AR4 is Amperex Buggle Boy. Sonus Faber Grand Piano's sound is much better than my other Pilot 240. Sound is more dynamic with full range on vocal. With my Linn Sondek LP12 vocal is warm and softer than before. I wonder that I should upgrade my Linn power supply to Lingo. For me, 245A is much better than Eico HF 81 other Fisher 500C or Scott LK72 that I had before. I also brought Harman Kardon Ciation One and replacing most caps for oil caps in half way.
When I done with HK one, it will mate with Pilot 500 EL84
You are a very lucky guy to have discovered the Pilot 245! I kid you not, that is one fantastic amplifier. I have had one for close to twenty years now. The transformers on that amp are some of the most musical there are for EL84 amps.

I have a friend who is an amplifier genius who does scratch builds of all kinds. He heard the beauty and potential of the 245 as well and helped me build a custom amplifier using the 245's transformers and the 245 amplifier circuit with just some minor modifications onto a new chasis with all new carbon resistors, black gate and oil caps. All I can say is wow! It competes very favorably with many multithousand amps.

Pilot amps are great, including the 232A and the Model 500A. If you can find them, grab them while you can. You won't regret it.
i just got a 245A and sa-260,on the 245a all Tely tubes.lucky me, both with beautiful sound, of course need to up grade all the cap in the power supply.
i have Pilot tuner too, never have time to try.pilot is good
vintage tube amp

thanks for looking.
what are the two different type of phono inputs TT RC mean on Pilot 245A amp?
RC=Record Changer