Pilnius SA-103 vs. Modwright KWA 150SE

Both around the same price/power. Does anyone have an opinion which one they prefer, or think they would prefer?
Ok... I'll start this off then.

I have never heard either. I was interested in members opinions, but it seems no one else is.
I.m considering the kWA 150 also,so Im interested in any responses you might recieve..
Have not heard either. I do own a Plinius SB-301 amp, which is Class A/B. Very happy with it: superb dynamics, excellent bass reproduction and control, wide and accurate soundstage to the point where you can isolate the players, midrange slightly warm, treble detailed but not at all in your face.

I would expect the Class A SA-103 to sound even better, and might have gone that route myself if I had more efficient speakers and a smaller room.
I owned a Plinius SA-102 (which is quite similar to the later SA-103) for several years. It's quite good for solid state, but ultimately, I still prefer a good tube amp. I don't think the Modwright runs in class A... so between the two, I'd go with the Plinius.
It would be difficult for any SS amp to please you after VAC Renaissance amp exposure.
Thanks guys,

I'm contemplating a new amp, and while I prefer the tube amps sound I was interested in the convienence of solid state plus some of the ss attributes are superior to tubes as well. So I am hunting for the elusive "perfect amp". I know... what a fool I am. Well anyway I want to get closer to perfection than where I am now. right now I am swapping between a Cary SLI-80 tube and a Wyred 4 Sound Class D amp. Each has their merrits, but I want it all in one.
Your point is quite valid, but I've owned far less expensive tube amps like the McIntosh MC275 MKV which was an incredibly good for the money... and it far exceeded performance of all the solid state amps I've owned from YBA, BAT, Simaudio & even my favorite solid state amp, Plinius SA-102.
"So I am hunting for the elusive "perfect amp". I know... what a fool I am."

Hey, don't disregard the valor of the attempt! Sometimes that's as important as the result.

Well almost, anyway. I could have opted for a Plinius SA-Reference over the SB-301, but I couldn't justify spending almost twice as much for a small incremental improvement in performance. Even if the Salon 2s are proving that they deserve it...

OK, that's enough of that, per my bank account.