Piggy back conditioners?

I have 2 Audience conditioners. One is the original 12 and I just bought the 6,t version. Just looking for suggestions here. I do HT as well and some items are further away from the 12. I don't use either for my amp. Could say one plug the 12 into one of the outlets of the 6 ? Or should it be the other way around?? Or not at all? Since the 6 arrived it has only been used for my plasma, and quite an improvement I must say. Like having your cake-- I would like to keep the tv on the 6 t. So does having the 12 plugged into the 6 improve the 12?? or not.-?? I would guess I never draw the 1800 watts---one 20 amp line in an apt.allows.
Don't know the answer. I use Adept response power conditioners too. The folks at Audience are extremely helpful and will definitely be able to answer your question.

Just shoot them an e-mail.
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Oh, I should have stated---the 6 t IS plugged into the 12, as we speak. I have little choice.If I plugged them into the one outlet I have, that would be the same duplex.---Placing the units within inches of each other.---Not to mention they have their own twist type connector so a longer cord is out. The 6 comes with their newer E power cord.---So if there is in fact a compromise going conditioner to conditioner; I still get a better picture that way. It's just that the audio is on the side1/2 way down the room.
I may have to go to HD to get a short 12 ga. extension cord. Sometimes apartment living can be constraining and to be sure no install of even one dedicated outlet is possible.
This will be system dependent. If you have multiple conditioners on hand, try it out and see what you think. Be sure to experiment with which conditioner goes first and the types of power cords used between each conditioner and their connected components.

I found that I got better sound moving my Class D bass amp and DBX Driverack 260 off of my Synergystic Research PowerCell SE and onto its own dedicated circuit. Even with the SE's isolated outlets, cross contamination was occuring from these units that was degrading the sound of other analog components plugged into the SE. Easy to hear the improvement when these components were placed on another circuit with no conditioner.

The SE is now plugged into an Exactpower balanced power unit which is in turn plugged into an Audience single outlet unit at the wall (the other dedicated circuit)connected by an old beefy PS Audio Statement PC. This configuration is a dramatic improvement over when I had everything plugged into the SE although the layout is a bit awkward.
Experimentation in this case scenario won't hurt a thing. As a general rule I have found that daisy chaining power conditioners has derogated the sound in my two channel systems.
Well somehow I just knew others are forced to do this thing. Of course I hate folk whom have nothing to ad to a thread beyond grammar/ word usage,correction. Never got past the 3rd grade and it shows,I know.
Now on to my battle with these conditioners,thing: I can now finally hear how the 6 t with it's latest upgrade betters the a 12. All of my front end is plugged into the 6; and the 6 is plugged into the 12. I still have an option unused./or untried at this point. The audio has improved!
Without a doubt the tv is better going into the 6 positively!However it had to stay going into the 12.
So, to any interested, the 6 t with the newest upgrade/ if you can find one used/ it betters the older plain versions of same.--Further most already know about the accolades the original garnered. I was told the latest upgrade for the 6 t is another 5 bills.
I finally talked to John and he says plugging one into the other has no ill effects whatsoever. I also talked to Dan whom is part of the build team and he says the same.
So anyway; seems the newer t versions are a whole lot better, and the price on the used market will reflect this. Grab up a t if you can find one. I will be looking for a second 6 outlet version./and dump my 12.