Piega P8 and P10 experiences

Hi, I am considering getting either the P8 or P8 Piega speakers (Switzerland). Has anybody heard them? They seem to have a unique combinaction of performance / small footprint
i have heard the p10s at hififarm in moneta,va. they are great sounding speakers.they were being powered by aloia amps and preamp and with an audiomecca cdp.i was very interested in how they sounded with this gear because i also have aloia gear. they are great speakers,fast transients,great bass,liquid highs and mids and very transparent.combined with the aloia gear they were superb.there is a good pseudo review in this month's absolute sound.i was very interested in them as a possible replacement for the new vonschweikert reference vr5s hse speakers that i got in february. after 3 listening sessions with them i couldn't justify the extra $3000 trade between the two. my vr5s are very-very close to the piegas in every catagory.maybe not as low down in the bass as the piegas go down to about 19hz but close enough. they are the best $11000 speakers i have heard but you can get close for a little less.
I heard the Piega's ( not sure which model) at Holm Audio in Woodridge, Il. They sound FANTASTIC!! They were playing something by Shostakovich and I really, REALLY did not want to leave that room even though I was in a hurry and had a deal to do on some other equip. I'm not even really into classical. I've heard Pipedreams and one other pair of very high end spkrs in this room, and the Piegas blew them away. HUGE soundstage. The blattiness of the brass instruments has to be heard to be believed. Associated equipment was Electrocompaniet cd player and Thor Audio preamp and amp. Hands down, the best system I've ever heard, aside from, MAYBE, the Spectral 2c3d system I heard a few years back.