Piega P10 matching center channel speaker

I have been using a pair of Piega P10 speakers for 2 channel listening and want to try using them for home theater. The Piega Coax Center is currently $5000 US retail and there is no North American distributor. What is a center speaker that I can use that would closely match the P10 speakers? Thanks in advance.
I heard the Piega P10 speakers in a home theater set up at the 2002 stereophile show on Krell TAS 5 channel amp and the matching Krell processor preamp.
Holy Moley did this home theater sound amazing.
I talked about it, in my review of the 2002 Stereophile show.
Here's the link. Read the first post.
I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the Piega Coax Center. I will let you know if it was worth it.