Piega P-10 vs Montana ESP 2

Hi Guys,

The Piega is old and I want to find a replacement. The speaker I am interested is Montana ESP 2. For those who had experiences with both speakers, please let me know that it would be an upgrade or just similar.

Room: 18 x 25 x 12
Source: Resolution CD-55
Pre-Amplifier: Counterpoint SA-11
Amplifier: Counterpoint NP-100 monoblocks (300W @ 8ohm)
Music: Classical & large orchestra

Of course, I am open to other speaker suggestion.


BTW, it is the EPS-2.

I have owned both and I can tell you the Montana is NOT an upgrade from the Piega. Far from it. You will not have an easy time replacing the Piegas. I tried to do it with Wilson Sophias and sold the Wilsons in less than a month. I did eventually move to GMA Continuum C3s which are better, but not by a country mile...

Hi Shakey,

Thanks for your response. Yes, it is EPS-2.

What are the attributes of EPS-2 and Sophias inferior to P-10?

The Piegas to my ears are more resolving and less boxy than the Montanas. The Sophias midrange was not as detailed as the rest of the spectrum. The Piega had a more involving sound than either.

Thanks, Shakey. That's very helpful.

This morning I contacted the local dealer who presented PIEGA in the past for help. They are going to ask PIEGA in Switzerland to see what upgrade would be available (replacing drivers and/or crossover).