Piega P-10 / Solid State or tube amplification?

I've owned my Piega P-10's now for about 8 months and have been extremely pleased with their performance. I wanted to ask other P-10 owners or others familiar with this speaker if it works better with SS or tubes? And if tubes, what kind?

I'm currently using Classe' CAM-350 monoblocks and appreciate your input.
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I have heard these speakers with SS. In fact, now that I think about it--all the Piega speakers I've heard have been with SS. In general, I like ribbons with tubes. I would personally like to hear the Piega's with tubes; I think they would sound marvelous. Having never actually done this however--and the fact that I have not been to a show that had Piega's with tubes, makes me wonder. I hope others have experience with this combination, because I'm interested in their results as well.
Hey Gerry!

I have had the Piega P-10's with many tube peices. I thought the best sound was with the Tenor OTL's that I sell. However, there are benefits to using higher power solid state or even tubes. The Piega's are not exactly easy to drive properly. The still sound great, but need a bit of muscle to really get them going.

The CAM is plenty of power, but not the last word in refinement and resolution.
For what it is worth I used to have the p8ltd (now have the c8ltd) and have driven them with the integrated nuvista m3 (tube preamp ss output). This I have found to be a superb combination. I have a friend who drove them very well with the audioresearch 100 watts. He ultimately switched to the nuvista as well, which he preferred over having to retube his ar. Callloway who posts hear drove them with tenors but switched to goldmund. I'm not sure if that says anything but would also be curious about what others have done.

I am using Piega c-10ltd with the Manley 250's in triode and sound is excellent. They definitely need some power to make them sing.
I have C-3S & Rel sub combo and have driven them with Klimo tube 100 watt class A mono blocks and a Krell KSA-150. With the tube amp the midrange was awesome, but ultimately settled on using the Krell. With the Krell midrange was real good, but in comparison to the Klimo the Krell really opened up the Piega's, lower midrange and upper registers crushed the tube amp.
Anyone heard the piega's with the new rowland amps{ 201 or 302}? I think this would be a great match but haven't had a chance to hear this matchup. I am currently using a Belles 250i integrated with very good results. Tube input/ss output, best of both worlds.