Piega C-3 or Fried Monitor 7?

Anyone know anything about these speakers? Hard to find info. Both seem acceptable for a small apartment. Any ideas or recommendations?
both have good fair 'real' bass in spite of their monitor size. you can however now get lots of exceptional fullrange speakers made for smaller rooms....the ohm mini walsh, opera sp2, totem staff or the gradient intro come to mind.....although the fried is a fried in name only, its design is on a par with the older real fried and imf designs.....its range howver is not even close to its bigger brother.
Piega C3 is one of the best speakers in the world at that price range. I have C3 Limiteds, and I have heard nothing that can rival even the least expensive Piega at its pricepoint.

They are absolutely in a different realm than Frieds. . .

I have the C-2 and have heard the C-3. Either one are some of the very best speakers in the world at their price. The upper end Piega's are the very best period, however, the lower cost lines share much of the technology, most of the build quality and sound of the more expensive line. Perrotta Consulting in Bethel, CT is where i purchased mine and they are very knowledgeable.
I bought a pair of Fried Monitor 7 speakers for use in a small room. They're clean and they're more efficient than certain older Fried transmission line speakers. They're fine for a small room. However, for larger spaces I think they should offer a bit more bass response.

I still have a pair of the much older Fried model C (6.5" + 3" drivers) in conjunction with a pair of model O (10") subwoofers and a separate supertweeter in a third cabinet. I'm contemplating comparing the new and old head-to-head.
The only thing holding me back right now is the sheer weight of these units. I'd need help lugging them back and forth.

By the way, the surrounds on the Model C 6.5" drivers had deteriorated over the years. Recently, the Fried company offered its customers a pair of replacement drivers for $59.95 postpaid. Once installed, they worked beautifully. I wish this company great success for maintaining its high standards in the tradition of Irving M.(Bud) Fried, whom I had the pleasure of meeting long ago.