Pictures At An Exhibition CD

Does anyone know the best recording of Pictures? I've got an old Leonard Slatkin CD on MFSL and either the disk has poor sound quality or the AR9's crossovers are getting pretty bad.
Wilson WCD-9025
also available as an analog recording
The best recording in my view is also one of the more primitive recordings going back to 1958 in Sofia, the pianist Sviatoslav Richter. There may be more pleasingly recorded versions I am not sure there is a better played version. Also available on vinyl.
Would also recommend Brendel in a 1960's recording. Usually not a fan of his but in the 60's and 70's I really like his recordings.
If you are talking about the orchestrated version then the RCA Reiner and the Chicago Symphony is a great recording. For the original piano version Richter is powerful
Thanks. Sorry. Forgot to designate the orchestrated version, although I'm not averse to the piano version.
For the orchestrated version, I agree that the Reiner/Chicago version is one of the best and the standard all others are compared to. For the piano version, I prefer the version by Byron Janis on Mercury. The recording is a little thin sounding but very listenable. This disc also has the orchestrated version by Dorati and the Minnesota Orchestra so you get both for one price. I have the Richter/Sofia version and I find the recording is almost unlistenable although the performance is fine. I also have the piano version by Evgeny Kissin. This is a much more modern sounding recording but a slightly different interpretation of the piece.
Reiner/Chicago on RCA Living Stereo SACD.

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Although opinions about both the performance and the sonics are of course not unanimous, when the Telarc Maazel/Cleveland Orchestra recording was released in 1979 it was considered by more than a few people to have been the greatest orchestral recording ever made.

It was one of the most notable and, IMO, best examples of recordings that were done digitally, and then transcribed to LP, in the years just prior to the advent of cd's. I have the original LP release (actually two copies, as I wore one out!). It's now available on both cd and hybrid sacd.

Be sure to read the customer reviews at the Amazon link above. I don't think you will be disappointed!

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My favorite rendition is Barry Douglas from 1987. This is solo piano on RCA Red Seal. It is an old CD but worth seeking out. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Steve
Go to The Absolute Sound website and search for the best version ito. This was always one of my favorite articles each month where they took a classic piece of music and gave their opinions on what the benchmark was sonic wise,performance wise and historicaly. Everyone always has their own opinion which is great and invaluable.
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Thanks. Will do. Thanks everyone. I still have Xmas money.

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here is an example,hope the link works.
For some mysterious reason the link didn't work. But I found it. Thanks.