Picture Thread

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DaVinci Tonearm
Dynavector DV 507 Mk II on Raven AC
Shibui Red on DaVinci Grandezza
DaVinci ambience
Audio-Technica AT33PTG

What's the length the Davici arm in the picture on the Debut?? Maybe it's just the angle of the photo, but it looks like 12 inches.


In my Picture there is a 10" DaVinci on the Debut
My Rega P25.


Zyx UNIverse
Inside Klyne
DaVinci 10" Close Up
Dynavector Te Kaitora
Hey, solong, I noticed some dust on the record. What is up with that?
Hey, Tzh21y, can't remember, shot some time ago. Maybe "Stardust" by Willie Nelson (one of my favourites) ;-)
Oh c'mon, Albert! :-)
Lyra Olympos
Exclusive P3, P10 & ortofon MC A90
Vendetta SCP-2T Phono Stage

from J. Curl with latest updates
Nice pics!!
Wonderful head amp.

Allnic HT 2500
Fidelity Research :-)
Syntax - guess the attention won't focus on the two FR-tonearms alone...
"Die Toten Hosen - Reich & Sexy 2"......
One of the true gems of German Punk Rock with style and drive - on vinyl.
Listen to their version of "Auld long shine".....
None of my best pieces are in my stereo system... but some pics are here.

Dertonarm :-)
Just another Grandezza
Ortofon A90
Wow. You guys are too cool!! Great shots! As it happens, I just finished a posting DIY type thread under analog--look for the Rega plinth question and let me know what you think. I can't bring the bucks to a turntable/tonearm the way you high-fliers can but I really love the engineering concepts and the obvious build quality in evidence in all of those shots.

Well done.

This was a test, how a rather keen cartridge like the MM Pickering XV-15 would sound on a sophisticated tonearm and phono. In this case, it was astonishing for a moment.
UNIverse, Orsonic, FR-64s

Killer combo!
mmf7 spinning a 2nd Nature Records test pressing

The Real Thing


Amp Guts

EDGE 10.1 NL. Incredible.
Airy 3
Backup Table
Mood Lighting
Micro Seiki with FR-66s
A pretty rare one
Fidelity Research FR-7FS

Output 0.15mV, Air coils and the closest to Real thing I heard in the last 15 years
Some cartridges

when the going gets though...

Syntax, on your previous photo (FR7-FS), it looks like you are dragging part of a cat with your cart... Is that normal?
Hi, yes it confused me too when I saw that pic. I think, it has to do with the range of sharpness when I focussed to the Diamond. Looks like a hair, but isn't.
Another big one ....

Graham Phantom II supreme

guiding a Fidelity Research cartridge
Lyra Delos

Coolest thread ever! Now if I can remember how to post a pic...
Now if I can remember how to post a pic...

May I help you?
1. The size from the pic in your computer should be in the area of
1.1 Try to size them in the area of 200kb
this accelerates the loading for the visitors
2. Load your pic to an Uploadservice, Tinypic for example
3. At the Audiopgon response field you see "Markup Tags"--->
click it
4. Choose and copy ----> the last one (creates a nice...)
5. go back to no.2 to your upload, you will find a url there to copy
5.1 insert the copied address to replace "http://www.dom.com
6. choose a title
That's it.
Micro Seiki 5000 & HS-80
Wow! Two Vibraplanes one above the other. You must have the time to try things out. What is it doing to the performance?

Turntable Rockport Sirius