Picture problems on TV from CD player

When my CD player is turned on to play or even in the standby mode it sends a signal to all TVs in the house which creates herringbone lines on a couple of channels. The same channels on all tVs in the house are affected.. When the CD player is turned completely off the lines go away. I have tried several power condioners but none have cleared up this problem. I do not watch the TV in the same room when I am listening to the player but others in the house are annoyed by this problem when watching these channels and I am listening in the systems room. The player is a Electrocompaniet ECM 1 but it also occurred when I had an Athem CD 1 player in the house. Any ideas on how to clear up this situation?
I've experienced the same thing, and it may be the CD player. Ham radio also severely interferes. Reckon there's a way to squelch their trasnmit signal, and cancel out the tv interference to boot?? That'd be fun, for a while. You'd have to somehow digitize their signal, and retransmit at 180 degrees out of phase, maybe? Probably not realistic, I guess.
It sounds like you're experiencing RF interference from the CD player. You can try two things: 1) Ferrite clamps on the cables of the CD and TV AND 2) Moving the CD player to a different spot in the room and using a different wall socket. As to the interference on the other TV's in the house, do you have a video distribution system i.e, can you transmitt video signals from your set-up to others in the house? If the answer is yes, then you may have a problem with the distribution system not being properly insulated. Good Luck!