Picture discs - Collectors items?


I have an opportunity to buy a few dozen new, sealed picture discs - leftover inventory.

I have a few questions, please. I shall use the abbreviation PD to refer to them following.

Were PDs just a novelty and suitable only for memorabilia collectors? I realise that PDs were being released just at the beginning of the CD era.

Were PDs pressed from a superior grade of vinyl? I've seen them in different colours.

Does the colour of the PD vinyl make a difference in the sonic quality of the recording?

Were any PDs re-mastered at all? Again, this was at the time that CDs were being introduced and some recordings were re-mastered.

I am not looking to buy and then sell this stuff on eBay but to add to my collection.

Thanks and regards,

It's like anything else. Some are desired, some aren't.
The easiest way to get an overall picture (te-he) of the market is to go to
eBay-->Music-->Records and search for "picture disc". Then check the completed auctions. You'll see that some go unbidded, a lot fetch around $10 plus shipping, and a few, by legendary artists or bands, may get $30-50. A double picture disc album by U2 went for $71 plus $6 shipping.

One could presume that a sealed copy might be worth more, but only if it's an artist and/or record that is desirable in the first place. I doubt that a sealed copy of a Leo Sayer or Jerry Vale picture disc would garner many bids.

OTOH, could you imagine if such a beast existed for Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue?"
05-30-08: Chadnliz
I could think of a million other disc's more embarrasing then Boston's debut....they must have done something right because that album is in most all of our and 10 million other folks collections.....

You can say the same thing about Billy Ray Cirus's Achy Breaky Heart, Micheal Jackson's Thriller, etc.......

It's called timing.......

Sorry, no Boston here.... never has or will be....
Funny story about Boston's album. Has anyone heard of Babo's in NYC? It's Mario Brutali (I'm sure I butchered the spelling there) signature restaurant. I'm not even sure you can call what they serve food--it's something in a different category altogether. I'll never forget, in this very fine dining establishment, with a wine table beyond belief, more servers than customers, what was playing through probably bose speakers--Boston's "More than a Feeling". The funniest thing about that, was in the older style architecture, high ceilings, etc. The music worked--it somehow made what could have been a very stuffy environment, very warm and approachable. All of the music played was of similar age and genre. No Vivaldi Four Seasons as one might expect--but Boston. Yeah--you can do a lot worse than Boston.
Comparing Bostons album to either Billy Ray Cirus or Michael Jackson shows such a weak grasp of the point I was making I wont waste time on a reply.
Musicslug I have that Motor Booty Affair PD I always thought it was George Clinton on the Waterskis.I have many PDs including FDR Fireside Chats on 10" and 2 gals getting it on which is a scratch and sniff PD on cardboard,but no I have never had the curiousity or nerve to test it out. A guy locally buys any and all PDs from me at 5 bucks a pop,He decorates with them.I have sold him well over a hundred.Sold two copies of a Manilow shaped (his head) PD on eBay one at 12 the other at 18,so can't really say they're worthless.