Picking up phone chatter

Frequently I can hear faint phone chatter and even beeping coming through my speakers when my systems on but not playing anything. It's usually one-sided (only hear one side of the conversation). Keep thinking it's a cell phone but there's really no one within 100 feet of my gear.

Don't know how to stop it. Any ideas what's going on?
Possible cordless phone. Do you have a phono pre-amp? If you have a cordless phone is it a 2.4 ghz? Had a similar issue years ago and got a 5.8ghz and never thought of it again till now. One other issue do you have a computer that is on dial up, if so it maybe a bad modem.
Are you sure it is phone conversation and not a Ham radio operator? Look for a tower in your neighborhood.
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Haven't seen any Ham towers, I'll take a second look. Do have a 2.4ghz cordless phone and a phono pre-amp. However, TT is not part of my system now. Computer link is hi-speed cable (Roadrunner). When playing tunes I sometimes have the wireless internet up. Next time it happens I'll make sure its disconnected.

thanks for the advise guys....
BTW, anything you can do to protect from the Ham operators?
What's the conversations about?
Can't tell. Low level and garbled. Hear series of beeps also between voice like a keying mic. Only hear one side of conversation.
With a Ham you will only hear the one in your area that is transmitting.

Read the link I provided in my above post. If it is a Ham there is not much you can do as far as the Ham radio operator stopping his transmissions....... On your end you can add some filters that may help.

How long are your speaker cables?
Are you using shielded ics?
Next time he is broadcasting turn off your system. With your ear fairly close to one speaker at a time, can you still here him faintly through your speakers?

Based on the garbled voice (scrambled) and beeps you're noticing, it's probably consumer FRS or business VHF/UHF radio which can range from 0.1 - 100+ watts output. Either a neighbor, or somebody several miles away, could be the culprit. I've heard CB radio through my gear, but am unsure if CB is using tones these days.
I installed some shielded speaker cables and interconnects and no longer hearing "the voices". Plus the sound has improved. They're Audio Authority Four Conductor 14 gauge speaker cables and AA Excellerator IC's.

So far so good.
Wouldn't think it would be coming in through the speaker cables because the speaker/amp circuit is such low impedance.

Interconnects are another story...
Don't know myself how it causes my gear to pick up the signal. Maybe its coincidence but I haven't heard any interference lately. Hopefully its gone for good however it was coming through.