Picking up my Prime on Saturday

After a very nice phone conversation today with Johnny R at Audio Connections, we struck a deal on a VPI Prime. I am picking it up this Saturday and they are going to mount my ZU/Denon DL103 cartridge for me while I wait. That is what I call excellent customer relations and service. I am looking forward to meeting Johnny and touring his store. It’s a bit of a ride for me, but you know the things us audiophiles will do to get our next equipment fix. Wanted to share my enthusiasm.
You working with probably the best in the biz, so I know you're going to have a great experience.

While you're there, try to get a demo of the Vandersteen 7s.....yowzer.  
Hopefully, he will have some time to give you some audition time.
I went last week and listened to Vandersteen Quatro's and 5CT's and ProAc's, the latter I had never heard before. Unfortunately, it got busy and I didn't get to hear the 7's. I also had to get back to my pups.
im jealous I'm not upgrading my VPI Classic to the Prime. Consider the Soundsmith Counterintuitive for future cart tweaking. Easy VTF & azimuth.

Hopefully, you're plugging it into an equally competent phono stage?

Happy  listening!

Thanks guys.  Yes, the phono stage is in my Rogue RP5 preamp.  It's all tube and has settings for mc cartridge including impedance, output.  It sounds great with my Scout.  
Let us know what you think when you finally have it set up in your room.
Wow, new front end and speakers,  the two components that most impact the character as well as the quality of a system, congrats! 
The speakers will not be in until May/June time frame.  It will be a long wait.  
Let us know what you think when you finally have it set up in your room.

Sorry, by "it", I meant the VPI Prime.
John saw a post I made regarding the Prime and he sent me a private message.  I wanted the Prime, having a Scout for 17 years with zero problems. 

I picked up my Prime Saturday from Audio Connections.  First, I want to say Johnny R is one of the nicest guys I have ever met in audio.  Plus, His knowledge of music is excellent.  He kept putting on different tracks on various systems and I was quite impressed.  Every one of his working systems was very well set up, extracting the best sound from the equipment.  What really sticks in my mind was the Vandersteen 1c speakers with Belles components and a Rotel cd player.  It was a very modest system, but I was hearing amazing sound.

The tech set up my turntable perfectly, in that it took me less then 20 minutes at home to get it up and running.  listened to 3 albums today and I am quite impressed.  The Prime is a big and beautiful turntable.  Even the wife thinks it looks good.  Very happy now.

I have a VPI Prime with a Soundsmith Zephyr Star and love it. 

Im sure you will have a wonderful time with your new acquisition.