Picking integrated Amp or set up for JungSon Beauty Deity No.5 BD-5 hifi

Hello all I need some help with picking an integrated amp, and cd player. I was given these Junson Deity No.5 BD-5 hifi speakers and Synergistic Research Alpha Quad speaker wire.I have a budget of lets say $800 for both the player and integrated amp, or if you think I should just go all out with a power supply amp and player. 

I do not want to get different wires, so of course I will need a amp or integrated amp that can receive the wire connections I have (banana to spade ends) . I would consider changing the ends if it is needed but I really don't think that will be necessary. 

Just want a set up that will have the best sounding music for my buck.

If anyone has ever experienced these speakers, it would be nice to know your setup and how you liked it. 

The speakers: JungSon Beauty Deity No.5 BD-5 hifi
Frequency 40Hz ~20kHz
Imperdance 4Ohm 
sensitivity 89 dB 

I'll probably move my budget to around $1,350 after thinking about it 
@trademiller - are you going to buy new or used? Since you're on AudiogoN, I'm guessing used, but I didn't want to recommend any used equipment if you were set on new.....