Picking components -warm / bright which is righ?

When you choose components in a system how do you choose? Do you offset one type of component with the oppposite in another? For example, lively, bright speakers with a warm tube preamp? Or all components of the same type?
With the low cost of digital amps, I'm leaning towards mellow, forgiving speakers which will add some body to the lean, detailed sound of digital.
As recorded music gets to be better quality, the trend seems to be stereos designed to be less forgiving of any faults in the chain. Which is great for perefect recordings but renders a lot of music unlistenable.
Opinions will differ. I like to first choose a neutral sounding speaker that matches the room. Then consider neutral sounding electronics (amp/preamp) that work well with the speaker. Finally, the sound is flavored/colored by the selection of sources with cabling to taste.
Choose neutral components. Roll tubes to tweak from warm to cold. A good comination is solid state amp for bass tightness with tube pre-amp. There are some good integrated such as Cary SLI-80 Signature. Look for neutral speakers and shun metal dome tweeters. Choose neutral wires. Take my advise, unless you wish to spend lots of time, energy and money on endless upgrades. Personally, I
would not want a digital amp.
Pick what sounds good to you. Try to audtion in hom due to the response of you listening room.

Good luck,

Jburidan, why would you not want an amp because it's digital?
I agree with those above who point out it's about your own taste. It's really important to learn what you like long term. Some things sound really good for the first few hours, but eventually cause listeners fatigue and reduces your listening time. Identify what you like in your friends systems. Select some recordings featuring sounds that you like, get real familiar with them, and then hear them on as many components as you can. Then when you find a new setup which on first hearing is special, you'll know from your audition music if anything important to you is missing.
I know what sounds good to me, just wondering how others pick their system. What would a nuetral speaker be? Everything affects the sound in one way or another.
I let my ears do the picking.The trouble starts when my brain interferes and tries to tell my ears what to do.Then the upgradeitis sets in and the merry-go-round begins to spin.It still sounds good,but......good luck,were all in this together,Bob
If I can't name a tonal balance outside of the default "neutral", then the TB is good. Extending that to each component would be a little bit better because counterbalancing component tonal balances is an unnecessary exercise of estimation, which will take forever to get right, and counterbalancing makes individual component evaluation more difficult. I see it as sometimes more of necessary evil than something to aim to do, but no big deal - I am just thinking.