Picking a Tube integrated amp

Hey all. Trying to figure out my amp situation and am looking at a few integrated to upgrade to. 

I currently have a McIntosh integrated and want to move to tubes. I have the vivid v1.5speakers and a Clearaudio Concept. Looking at the following:

—Primaluna Dialogue premium or HP.
—Audio Research VSi60
—Octave v40SE

Question...does the AR still hold up? It’s likely it will be a used model, but curious if it’s still competing with the others I listed. Any others to consider?  


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I am considering a used unit. That increases the concern.
I thought Prima Luna was made in Germany....perhaps not...
You might look at Quicksilver Audio's integrated amp. If 20 watts per channel is enough. Their amps sound really nice. They have been around for more than 30 years, and are made in the U.S. And the price is very reasonable
I’m intrigued by the Octave.  What do those who’ve recommended it like about it?  I’m thinking about the 110. Oh and by the way, I ended up selling the Vivid’s and bought the Focal Kanta No2 for speakers. My room was too big for the Vivid’s.  The Kanta is amazing. 
Not sure what the buzz is surrounding the KT 150. The question I would ask is how do they sound? Not how much power they put out.