picked up Steely Dan : Can't buy a Thrill on ABC

I found a copy of this on on ABC black label to compare against my ABC yellow label. My yellow label sounds pretty good, but is a bit noisy. I would say my tolerance is rather low for noisy records. All I can say is holy S**t, the black label sounds awesome. Not only is it quiet, but it has more detail, and sounds sooo natural. Dare I say, it is just so analog sounding. Just wanted to share the wealth.
If you like this record, seek out a quiet copy.Perhaps
there are differences from pressing to pressing, but hopefully not so much here. I also found Gaucho on an audiophile label pressed MCA, but it was around $50.00, so I passed. FWIW, this was at a local record show in the Albany area. Lastly, I have been real impressed w/ Aja for instance on ABC yellow, I wonder if these black labels are generally better still. Speaking of Gaucho, I have never seen it on ABC label, always blue MCA, including that Audiophile pressing. All previous SD records, I have seen on ABC, mostly yellow.
Yup, I got one of those too... the best sound of "Can't Buy a Thrill" this was the 1st pressing, beats my other copies, esp. in the bass. You will not Find "Aja" on that black label because the yellow label was the label design when Aja came out.. Same situation. I have a japanese pressing of Gaucho which is pretty good. I have the ABC domestic black label (1st pressing) of "Countdown to Ecstacy" and of "Pretzel Logic" and these also are the best pressings available for those titles.
I think that the best sounding copy of "Can't by a Thrill" is the Speakers Corner reissue. I also have a wonderful sounding German copy.
Yikes! I also played the Royal Scam on ABC yellow, purchased
from the same vendor at that show. Holy smoke, another great pressing. I admit this is my first Royal Scam, but I feel like I hit one out of the park on my first at bat. They are both very quiet as well. Funny you mention Countdown to Ecstacy. That seems to be the toughest to come by. That's been my experience anyway. I have found it, but not minty enough to buy. I am really liking the Royal Scam, I hadn't heard it as an album before. Maybe I should have grabbed that MCA Audiophile Gaucho too. Mofimadness, thanks for that info on the SC reissue. Funny, the Speakers Corner has been available for a long time, and they never did any more SD titles. They are certainly recognized as one of the top audiophile labels.
The black label Countdown to Ecstasy and Pretzel Logic are also both terrific. Excellent copies can be difficult to find.

Katy Lied is the first Steely Dan on the yellow ABC label.
Find a standard issue Gaucho on MCA with RL in the deadwax and you will be happy. Plentiful in the used bins.
"Katy Lied is the first Steely Dan on the yellow ABC label."
Thanks Audiofeil. My first copy of CBAT is on ABC yellow, as
I mentioned in my post. Not a big deal, but FWIW. Thanks for
the recommendation on Countdown, and Pretzel Logic.
Thanks Annika, I will keep the Robert Ludwig mastered
MCA Gaucho on my radar too.
On Royal Scam: I could not find a good domestic pressing, all were just too noisy/distorted. I have a UK and a German pressing, both good and quiet and clean.
My post was a bit unclear, sorry.

Katy Lied is the first Steely Dan album whose initial release is on the yellow label.

Subsequent pressings of the first 3 Dan albums can be found on the yellow label. Pressings after 1979, give or take a few months, are on MCA which purchased ABC and its' subsidiaries.

Gaucho is the first Dan album to be released on MCA. This was the sky blue cloud label.
"Katy Lied is the first Steely Dan album whose initial release is on the yellow label." Gotcha!

In that case, I would want anything before Katy Lied
on the Black Label, and Katy Lied and all after on yellow.
All their stuff is great. I have not been able to connect
w/ Two against Nature though. It's a good listen, but different, as would be expected. After all, there is a ton of time between Gaucho and TAN. Thanks !
I believe the MCA Audiofile pressing of Gaucho you passed on was re-mastered on digital equipment. I know the one i have is. I prefer my original pressing as it is Analog through and through.
Thanks Qdrone. I will be keeping an eye out for a clean original MCA of Gaucho. I also have to grab a black label Countdown to Ecstacy, which I bet will be a bit tougher
to find in nice condition.
Interesting thread. I read this post last week and picked up a yellow ABC copy of Katy Lied at the local used store on Saturday, just to see if I could tell any difference (my other copy is a MCA blue sky/clouds label). Sure enough, there was a very noticeable difference. I was astounded. Now you guys have me hunting a black label copy of Cant Buy a Thrill. I've always thought my MCA copy of that one was a little sub-par for SD standards.
Speakers Corner also has a nice reissue on CBAT.