Pick your poison...

I have a Musical Fidelity A3.2 integrated, a B&K REF 2220 and matching pre-amp. I also have a pair of Focal Chorus 714S's and a pair of Dynaudio Audience 72's. Half of this stuff has to go. I have been testing the speakers on a small NAD integrated that I had originally purchased for the Focals. Lets just say one thing led to another...now I have a pair of Dyn's and two more amps. I plan on auditioning every possible scenario...without using the NAD. Focal with B&K and MF, then Dynaudio with B&K and Musical Fidelity. Just by experimenting with the speakers last night on the NAD I have gotten myself in a quandary. I thought the Dynaudio's would be a HUGE step up from the Focal's...NOT so. Yes, the Focal's were a bit more revealing on the top end, but that came at the price of a little harshness. The Dyn's were much smoother up top, but had a little bit of midrange thickness and bass bloat. I am pretty sure the NAD is the culprit for the Dyn's weak performance as Dyn's love their power, and this NAD only had 50 watts and my room is quite large. So, what do you think is to be expected from the pairings of these two sets of speakers and two amps? In essence...pick your preferred combination.
B&K gear with the Dyn's of course...assuming the front end is musical and compatible!
I agree with Dave: the B&K and Dynaudio's.

I've got an older B&K pre-amp/tuner and amp hooked up to the TV. I put it in my main system when a tube went out in my Herron pre-amp, blowing the Herron monoblocks. The B&K equipment is really nice.

I had a Musical Fidelity A3.2 integrated for about a month, the dealer loaned it to me since I had traded my Krell pr-amp and amp in on a Musical Fidelity A308cr pre-amp and amp, and they had to be ordered. I actually quit listening to the A3.2 integrated because it literally made me sick to my stomach. I couldn't believe it sounded like it did when the A308 pre-amp and amp sounded so good.

On the speaker side, I've listened to both and personally I've liked every Dynaudio speaker that I've heard. The Focals I like too, but if I was going to buy one, it would definitely be the Dynaudio.

But that's just my taste in equipment. Honestly, if it were me, I'd match the Dynaudio's with Simaudio. I really liked that combination.