Pick up only? where?

I started surfing the new today adds and the 1st 2 adds I looked at said "pick up only" and do not say in the body where they are, so you have to go out and do a search for the zip code. Is it really that hard to give this information in the add?
thanks for listening
I think most people will quickly recognize whether or not a zip code is within "pick up only" distance. So no need.
The zip code locations used to be available on this site by clicking on the zip code and they still should be. This site is still in beta and probably will be for a long time. I lost approximately 50% of my want to buy ads which currently do not exist, however, I have been reasured want to buy ads will be coming back. No mention of my lost costs though.
No harder than looking it up.
The old Audiogon had it so when you clicked on the zip code, it displayed where the item is located.

The old Audiogon would let me edit my virtual system. The new and "improved" Audiogon tells me it doesn't even exist....