Pick a preamp for my system: Ayre or MBL

I have Avalon Eidolon and use a Krell 700cx amp. I want inputs from you guys picking a preamp for me: MBL 5011 or Ayre K1-xe. I want a premap with resolution, imaging and tight fast bass. Thanks.
Krell 222 would be superb, actually better than the two box unit (202). For tubes I would go with the LS 26 from ARC.
Personally I would go with the MBL5011. The Ayre is very good in terms of transparency but I thought the MBL had better overall presentation and realism.
You had a K-1xe in your system with the MX-R?
I have used the Ayre K-1XE in my system with the Krell 650M amps and the combo was very good together. Its strengths are just what you are looking for. Resolving, excellent imaging and soundstage, fast and deep bass, and tons of detail. Have not heard the MBL with the Krell amps.
Why not try a tubed preamp? Plenty of great choices, BAT if you want to run balanced, CAT, Emotive Audio, Deja Vu, Dehavilland, etc if you are ok single-ended. I just think a tubed preamp might add a needed dose of warmth and dimensionality to your sound. Plus they're a snap to maintain, much easier than power amps. Happy listening!
Krell EVO 222 is a great choice. I've had a 6010d and ARC Ref. 03, all good but wouldn't trade back after getting the 222. Beautiful sound and workmanship. See Ken Kessler's review located on absolute sounds uk website.
I have an Ayre K-1xe and I think it is fantastic. I also think Ayre gear pairs especially well with Avalon speakers. It's highly resolving with a great soundstage. I don't know how it would pair with Krell but I suspect well. I haven't heard the MBL. There was a K-1xe on here that was still available the last time I checked for $3900. That's underpriced so you could buy it and re-sell easily. Maybe consider trying both and re-sell the one you don't keep?
What more can anybody add after Tboooe's experience? At this level it's generally a matter of taste.