pick a DVD player for my HT

I want to buy a good used DVD for my HT around $1,200. Can someone help me out. thanks a lot
You can buy a new Sony 9000es for that which will also give you SACD, or I have heard good things about the California Audio DVD player. It should be around that price used. Another optiion is the Pioneer (DV-37) I think?? for around 7-800 new. I am sure there will be a good list here by the end of the day! Are you going to use this just for HT? or will music be played also?
Ditto on the above. For price & perfomance in the price range you are listing the Sony is impossible to ignore.
I wouldn't forget about the Toshiba SD9200, I think new it goes for 2,000 have seen then for about 1,200 on here

Guess what?!?!?!?!?!?! I just got the latest issue of "The Perfect Vision" today, and this issue covers DVD Players in depth. If you have access to this issue of the magazine, you may try looking at that for some pointers. That would be a good place for you to start.

But from what I am seeing now in this issue, I think I have to agree with all the previous posters who has posted their post before me. If you want a DVD Player that plays music (SACD capability) as well, then there is the Sony DVP-S9000ES. If picture quality is more of a concern, the Pioneer Elite DV-37 deserves consideration. And if I may, I would also like to add the Toshiba SD6200 -- $1,200.00 (MSRP) to the mix. Or if you are willing to shop around, maybe you can find a Toshiba SD9200 -- $2,000.00 (MSRP) for about $1,200.00 to $1,500.00.

Hope this helps a little. Good luck.

I think the Pioneer Elite DV-09 has been missed, yes, it doesn't play progressive format, but has great 480i! It also has exceptional DAC's, and can be had used for $800.

By the way MSB is working out a progressive upgrade for this player, given it's been many mags reference player for a while, I'm sure this upgrade would keep you at the near top of the market for far less than the $1200 you're looking to spend.
If you want resale value and a great picture you buy the 9000es as the resale market will be bigger because of sacd.
I've just orederd the new Pioneer DV38A the successor to the 37. Someone is selling them on here for about 1400.00.
have a look, along with Toshiba and Sony that others have mentioned. Of course, there are some reference player at +$3000n that are probably a little quieter.
Minhthous, Check out the pioneer elite DV F07, last years model feb 2000. I have it and love it. Music is great with it and ht as well. I have many cds/dvd, around 200+ and the pioneer lets me put them into 10 audio and 10 video catagories that I get to name like(rock, female voc, jazz, etc) movies(history, action etc) this is all onscreen and makes finding your cd/dvd's easy to play/find. you can even hook up keyboard to it. And you can hook up 2 of them for up to 601 cd/dvd/cdr/cdw. It has opt/coax, component, composite. You can also hit this "best" button when you listening to a song and it saves up to 50 of your favorite songs for play back at another time. I like this feature so I don't have to go thru each cd to listen to my favorite songs. I think pioneer has something great hear. Good lucK. Check out their website. pete
Sorry i forgot, the player holds 301 cd/dvd/cdr/cdw, I think they have a new model, not sure but it maybe the dv 727. And it retails for $1,100. Pete
Minhthous, I just check the website and it is still the pioneer elite DV-F07.
The Arcam DV88 is better,I believe than any mentioned, but just over in price at $1500. The video is better, and the 2 Ch. playback is better. It is upgradable via CD rom disk loaded into the tray when the DVDA, SACD war is figured out, but already does CD/DVD/HDCD/CDR/CDW/MPEG etc.. I am unsure as to the cost of the upgrade to the progressive scan option which is also available.
Chstob, are you sure the Arcam will offer a SACD upgrade? I checked it out on their site because I like Arcam and thought it sounded interesting. All I could find was that they may offer a upgrade to DVD-A in the future and this would require a new board to be installed.
Look at the NAD T550. I have one and love it. It is great for HT, but is even better for music. One can be had for about $800. Make sure you get a new one as some of the older generation ones were still getting the glitches worked out.

Hope this helps.
No_money, I'm not sure of anything, ever. I can see them maybe not ever offering SACD, because the thing doesnt have the 5 channel analog outs, but again if it does become the standard, the unit is designed to be upgraded for future formats. As such, I dont see why SACD would ever be ruled out. As for DVD/A, my understanding is that a new board would not be necessary, but that is only my understanding. You may have better, more current information than I do. I sort of got the idea Arcam is making this up as they go along.
Hi Chstob, check out the site info. Happy reading/listening
Sony 9000es, hands down the most bang for the buck,and by a long shot over the other suggestions.
Around $250--Sony 360
From $400 to $600--Technics A-10 inc. DVD-A
Around $800--Pioneer 37
From $1100 to $1500--Sony S9000ES inc. SACD
Around $2,000--Pioneer 38 inc. DVD-A
or --Phillips 1000 inc. multichannel SACD
Sorry, I just read the question.
I must have been sleeping.
My above reply pertain to new prices.
For $1200 I would look for a Sony S9000ES or Pioneer 38.