Piano sounds harsh

I have been hearing a harshness on certain frequencies - particularly noticeable on piano music. It's most harsh on a vinyl pressing of Debussy "Jardins sous la pluie". I listened to a different recording of the same track on CD and Apple music, and it's less, but still there.

About three weeks ago I heard a huge crack and one channel of my system died. I replaced all the preamp tubes, and it came back, so I swapped the tubes back again one by one to find the bad one - and all 6 work fine now. Hmm.
Yesterday I swapped out all the tubes, pre and power, still there.
I have moved my Rega RP1 a few times in the last few weeks, while auditioning a new table, maybe I bumped it and the cartridge needs realigned?
Maybe the crack was something internal in the amp? Or in the speaker? Maybe my speakers can't handle that well and I am hitting their limits? My set up is listed below.
Anyone have any ideas? My next step is to swap out each part of the system piece by piece to see what's causing it.
Rega RP
Project Tube box S
Oppo 105
Apple TV
MHDT Paradisea+
Primaluna Dialogue Premium
KT120 x 4 (replaced now with Mullard EL34)
CV4003 x 6 (replaced now with stock Primaluna tubes)
Rel T5
Nola BoxerBlue
Jeans interconnects, Monoprice 12AWG
"A huge crack and one channel of my system died".

This sounds more like a power tube issue to me. I doubt that a failure of a small tube would shut down the amp is the likely culprit. It could be a transitory problem which went away when the amp reset itself. If you have another set of tubes you could always plug them in. Personally I would leave it alone until the problem raises again. Love that fusing set up in the PL amps.

Seems like you have already concluded that the harshness issue is related to the phono section. My guess is that it might well be related to the VTF . I would increase that a bit and make sure your stylus is making effective contact.