Piano only...

I'm looking for albums with only jazz piano only except Keith Jarrett that I already have.
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Dick Hyman plats Fats Weller on Reference Recordings is excellent. Fred Hersch Songs without Words is solo piano. Most of his other work is with a trio. Art Tatum has a number of piano solo works, though the recording quality on many of these is marginal. All of the Marcus Roberts albums I own are with an orchestra or jazz group. If he has any solo work it would be fantastic. I highly recommend him in concert if you get the chance as well.
take a look at Maxxjazz.com ( and listen ) some nice stuff there. I did and bought a couple nice albums... They are all broken down into jazz type categories and you have the option of listening at any you wish... Nice web site....
Try "Soul Shadows" by Joe Sample. A truely amazing new record. Also, Ray Bryant is fun live. Try "Montreux Live", "Somewhere In France" or "Alone At Montreux".
Hilton Ruiz---- Songbook
Bill Evans-Conversations with myself. Thelonious Monk-Solo. I second the Fred Hersch-Songs without Words.
Try some Bill Evans," converstions with myself" and "further conversations with myself". You might also enjoy Thelonius Monk solo . HE has several recordings available solo, my own personal favorite is called "Solo Monk"
The Art Tatum Solo Masterpiece series from Pablo is absolutely essential. He was arguably the greatest soloist in Jazz history, and these recordings will tell you why this is so.
Two Words: *Art Tatum*
Look for "Bill Charlap" and "Tord Gustavsen". Two tremendous jazz artists.
Brad Mehldau, Live in Tokyo (or something close to that title)

Also Mehldau's Elegiac Cycle, which I think is even better. As I recall, this has a few tunes with bass and drums, but is definitely mostly solo piano.
Also Thelonious Alone in San Francisco and Jessica Williams' All Alone

I have heard neither of these, but have heard enough good things about them (and, of course, have heard their other, non-solo recordings) that I plan to get them myself soon.
Seconding Pragmatist on Art Tatum, yes, Evans also