Pi Speakers

Is anyone familiar with the Pi line of speakers esp. the horn loaded models. And what do they sound good with.
I built the Theater 4 w/Eminence drivers in a version that could be set up like the 7 cornerhorn model. Very nice, live sound if you have the corners to put them in. Huge bang for the buck. I listen to classical, jazz, folk, some rock.
The tube guys like Pi stuff because they work well with micropower amps. I liked putting them outside and heating them up with a ss Crown.

I did quite a bit of looking around for a DYI kit. Pi seemed by all accounts to be a GREAT value. I am currently building the 2Pi Towers. I have heard lots of great comments on them.
I got to hear a pair of 7 Pi's at the Midwest Audio Fest this spring, and they were excellent. Wayne is very helpful and sincere - he's doing this as a hobby and a labor of love; he already has a well-paying day job.