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After hearing all the buzz on the Magicbuss and Uberbuss from some whose ears I trust I decided to give Dave Elledge at PI Audio a call. I gotta say Dave is one helluva guy, one of the nicest I've dealt with in quite a while. He was also willing to install what ever upgrades I wanted(gotta love that!) and for a VERY fair price. I opted to have him install a Furutech gold plated 20A IEC inlet as well as two Oyaide SWO-GX outlets in that baby.

After he finished the build he decided to put some hours on it with a 1/2 h.p. electric motor to help with the break in, another nice touch that I appreciate. A day or two later I got an email from Dave stating that he really loved what he was hearing and he jokingly threatened to keep it!! Though he was just kidding with me about keeping it he did say that he really loved what he was hearing with the Oyaide outlets, so after some begging on my part he boxed that dude up and shipped it out to me.

I received the Uberbuss and upon unpacking it couldn't help but notice that Dave did a fine job of packing it to protect it from our good friends at UPS/FedEx. The unit itself is very well built and I love the smaller size of it compared to some others out there that are big and heavy. The size made it nice and easy to place in my system and should you decide to put it on your rack it doesn't take up an entire shelf either, only about 1/3 of one or so. Nice. I sat mine on the floor against the wall just off to the side of my rack.

After getting everything organized the first component I tried was my BAT preamp. I plugged the BAT into the Uberbuss to see if I could hear any difference, oh yes sir! This preamp has been extremely quiet for me so far but right off the bat it was obvious the Uberbuss was making a difference and a darn nice one at that. I'm no reviewer and I do not have to much of a way with words so don't expect a long review, but, it was easy to note the improvement the Uberbuss gave my preamp; a much quieter back ground, the music just seemed to be flowing easier for some reason. So far so very good! Next I plugged my CDP into the Uber and could hear that improvement as well. Same thing I got with the preamp I got with my CDP, just more of it. The music just seemed to be emerging from a black back ground, my system just sounded "clean and clear"(for lack of better words).

If I had to use just a few words to describe the sound of the Uberbuss or rather the improvement is offered I would say this; you know how late at night your system sounds so much nicer than it does during the day? That is exactly how my system sounds now, only this time I can now have that great sound right smack in the middle of the afternoon!

I love this darn thing, it performs WELL above it's price point and as soon as I can save up the cash I will purchase a second one for my amp. I do not know Dave nor did he ask me to write anything about his fine product/s, I did this because he builds a fantastic product for a very fair price, not only that, his customer service is top notch and he is a true joy to deal with. My hat is off to you Dave for producing something that works so well with your very own hands, congratulations, fine job sir!! I'll be back...

My system consists of the following;
VAC Phi 110
MBL 1531
Usher Be-20
All cables KCI

PI Audio Group;

Are you still using the BUSS?

What other power conditioners have you tried?

Any recommendations?

One could spend 3 to 5k for a conditioner... or Just get an Uber and be done with it! Im so glad I finally did...
The uber beat out conditioners costing 3x its price. Others were good but always with a drawback, weak spot or coloration. The Uber BUSS has it all IMO.
Has it all except surge protection. Dave offers a surge protection unit too. But buyers need to be aware the the Magik and √úberbuss do no offer your system protection. Just power conditioning.
I apologize for the delay, had totally forgotten about this review. And yes, I am still using the Uberbuss to this day, it's easy to hide and does a great job. I have not used any high end conditioners but am very happy with this one so I'm sticking with it. Hope this helps.


Did you try a newer socket like the SR Tesla SE or Furutech GTX-D or R in the Ueberbuss?


is the Ueberbuss much better than the Magik?