Physically Separate Amp from Other Equipment????

Is there any value in separating my amp from my other pieces of equipment (Spectron Musician II)? By this, I mean that I am considering moving my amp to the bottom shelf of my rack while keeping my Dac and Preamp/Transport combo on the top two shelves. That would mean that instead of having only 5 inches or so between my amp and the rest of my equipment, I might have almost two feet between the amp and the rest of my equipment. Will it make any difference????
The extra distance between the amp and your other equipment might make a difference in the quality of the audio signal. If your gear is not particularly well shielded, then having the amp (with its large transformer) further away from your DAC and preamp might reduce any electro-magnetic interference, but if the shielding is good, then you will probably notice very little audible difference.

Ideally, you should also try to keep some distance between the DAC and the preamp, as some DAC units can produce RF interference that can affect the preamp.
You will have to bend down to do anything you might want to do with your amplifier( like to put it back where you originally had it, for example)...only kidding, sort of.
As a rule, keeping an amplifier close to front end equipment can and usually will have a dileterious affect on the audio signal. Amplifiers put out a large electronic field. Other equipment can suffer from that field. If there are no expensive problems associated with the move I would suggest you do it before you even finish reading this post.
Thanks you all for your advice
Good post and good answers. Within reason keep your amp , front end, cables and power cords seperated. Improvements can range from mild to jaw dropping.