Physically connect a Bluesond Node 2i to a downline, stand alone Chord Qutest DAC

I want to use my Bluesound Node 2i as just a streamer...then connect it to the Chord Qutest DAC.  Is there is anyone out there who has done this and, if so, what physical connection did you use? Jim 
I have used both optical and coax (75 ohm cable), both sound great with my Yggdrasil. Since all 2i outputs are on at the same time (my integrated has no dac) I can run RCA’s to my integrated and coax to my Yggdrasil and A/B the Dac’s, prefer the Yggy, however the BS 2i is a good DAC. Lots of options enjoy. Also the Yggy doesn’t do MQA, nor does the Chord I believe, so with my set up I can compare MQA via the 2i direct to my integrated to MQA through the Yggy, with a partial unfolding, interesting option/comparison.
Another option is to connect your Node to your preamp via its analog outputs to one input, then run a digital cable to your Chord with the analog outputs of the Chord connected to another input on your preamp.  Both digital and analog outputs function at the same time from the Node.  Now you can directly compare the sound of the Node by itself versus the Chord sourced by the Node by simply switching the source selector on your preamp.
 I have done this in my big system.  All of my system components are powered through a Shunyata Hydra Triton except the Chord Hugo which is battery powered.  The Node holds its own, not quite as detailed but exhibits other attributes that are also compelling.
 I have chosen to use the Nodes analog outputs and use the Hugo as my dac for cd playback.  Your results may differ.
Thanks for helping.  If I run a digital from my Bluesound node 2i to another DAC (in my case a Chord) does that bypass or eliminate the DAC in the Node and let the Chord's DAC take over? 

Your other suggestions are intriguing though with switching and A-Bing the two!
When you run a digital cable it bypasses the original units DAC.
Yes, the digital out from the Node bypasses the internal dac.  Therefore a straight comparison between dac of the Node versus the dac of the Chord is possible.  All you need to do is switch inputs on your preamp.  You will also need to adjust the volume control since the sound level between the two will likely not be the same.  In my case, volume compensation was necessary.
I have a Bluesound Node 2i feeding a Chord Qutest by both Tributaries Coax and by Audioquest Vodka Toslink.   Both sound very good, but if pressed I’d choose the Vodka Toslink.  YMMV depending upon the actual cable employed.   BTW, one of the nice things about using an outboard DAC with the Bluesound Node, is that for MQA the Bluesound does the first unfold, getting you all the way to 96K.   IMHO MQA via the Bluesound / Chord combo sounds superior to my ears than MQA full unfold via the Bluesound’s analog outputs, even though the Chord is not an MQA DAC.
I also have the same setup with Node2i digital to Qutest which then connects via RCA analog cable to my Parasound P5 preamp.

I found the Qutest outperforming Node2i's own DAC by a wide margin.