Photopoint Pic Posting Site Dead? Alternatives?

It appears from a Dec, 17, 2001 article in Tech News on (URL: ) that Photopoint digital image posting service may be dead in the water. This has messed up my pic postings of audio equipment. Does anyone out there use any alternative, other than time consuming postings on personal web sites, digital image posting service? If so, what is their URL? Any help appreciated!
I received an email from AuctionBytes explaining the sudden disappearance of Photopoint.

They included the following link:

"For a useful chart of image-hosting services, try
Andromeda Software's "Guide to Online Photo Albums" at: ".

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This is the one I use recommended by AgoN

Thanks for all your suggestions. I was totally shocked to find Photopoint just gone, no warning, just "poof", gone. Guess it is just another example of the nano-second departure of web based businesses. Sure hope Audiogon keeps going strong, they have a fantastic web site and great service!
Thought I would add my very positive experience since the posting of this thread with .