Phonostage w/volume options

I could use some opinions. I currently own an Art Audio Vinyl One with volume and Art Audio Jota Monoblocks. The combo sounds very good but I never had an opprtunity to hear any other phonostages in a similar configuration. I definately want to stick with a volume pot since 95% of my listening is vinyl. Should I put more weight behind synergy since the Vinyl One and Jota's are both from Art Audio? Or would, for example, a Steelhead raise the bar? Or an Aesthetix IO? Probably, but how about the cost/ratio? What other phonostages have volume? Should I leave well enough alone? Thanks.
Email Kevin Carter of K&K Audio. His phono stage kit is the same as the Art Audio Vinyl Reference. You can get it with or w/o volume control. This is one fine sounding preamp. For an upcharge he will build it for you and customize it around your system if you like. You won't be disappointed.

If you like the Art Audio piece, I would strongly suggest that you contact Kevin Carter of K&K Audio ( and look in to one of his phono stages fitted with a volume control. It will actually perform more on the order of an Art Audio Vinyl Reference - which makes sense since Kevin designed both the Vinyl One and the Vinyl Reference for Art Audio. You won't have the Art Audio faceplate, but by foregoing that, you will save yourself plenty of dough that can go into something else - like vinyl!
Try the Tron Syren (tube line preamp and tube phono stage in one box). This is simply superb. See Ed Barkers review in 6 moons. After you hear it, you'll sell your Art Audio Vinyl One and buy one.

We must have posted almost simlultaneously......

Depending on the enthusiam, i think the Aesthtix IO Signature is in a class by itself. The Mk2 isalmost there. The Clearaudio Balanced Reference Phonostage can also fit the requirement.
Richardmr, the Art Audio are fine units, but the Aesthetix Io Signature and the Manley Steelhead are among a small number of the very best phono stages made. At the level of these units, the sonic difference will be clearly noticeable. As to the cost/value ratio, that is always a challenge for anyone else to judge. Over the years, I've often found that I could judge that only by actually hearing it for myself, and I've had many instance when, once heard, there was no going back.
Personally, I would not even consider an IO unless it WAS the Signature version. The non-Sig is a very poor value, IMHO. The Sig is wonderful, but out of my reach financially. If it is within yours, it IS worth a listen.
Lots of misinformation in some of the posts.

The K&K Audio kit and Vinyl Reference, while having some similarities, differ greatly in the power supplies. The Vinyl Reference has a much larger, more sophisticated power supply, regulated for consistent power coming in. The K&K kit has no such regulation, therefore the sound quality is going to greatly depend on the quality of the power being fed to it, according to Kevin himself.

Kevin designed the Vinyl Reference, not the Vinyl One.