Phonostage recommendations under $3K


I am looking to step up from my current Parasound ZPhono XRM (still under 60 days audition trial). To be honest, I am quite pleased with its performance, feature set and flexibility. I mean what else you can expect from a $600 phono. While I enjoyed listening to vinyl through XRM, I feel there is room for improvement and XRM may be the weakest link in my vinyl setup. And since XRM is the only phono I’ve experienced in my setup, I don’t have quite have a reference point. So what else should I be considering under $3K?

I prefer a relaxed and slightly warm sound since I mostly listen to jazz genre.

I started to put together a list list based on sound quality and flexibility with gain and impedance settings.

Parasound JC 3+ Phono Pre
Allnic H-1202
Leben RS30 EQ (requires a SUT for MC Cart)

I hear high praises on Herron VTPH-2A but it’s bit more than I would like to spend at this time.

My current vinyl setup, Thorens TD1601, ZPhono XRM, Hana ML (low output - 0.4mv), Accuphase E-650 and Tannoy Canterbury’s.

I would really appreciate some recommendations based on your personal experiences. Thank you!
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Anyone here have any experience with E.A.T.  E-Glo S or E-Glo Petit phono stages? 
Good luck. When my search was narrowed down to a few contenders I started looking at used. Never did see a Herron for sale. Saw one that had sold the day it was listed and before I started looking. Then kept looking a good 6 months after deciding it would be the Herron. (I buy components, not deals.) In 6 months I saw zero listed but two times people had them listed as WANTED.  

They come up for a sale used much more frequently these days.  Over the past 2 weeks I've seen two listings alone.

I may consider selling mine in the $2500 range as it sees very little use since getting my Luxman EQ-500.

I just ordered the Fern & Roby Maverick, the collaboration with LTA and Berning. Will see if it beats my little Octave. 

Manley Chinook or Gold Note PH-10 + PSU-10. The PH-10 is $1600 and can be used as a standalone unit or you can get the outboard power supply (PSU-10) for ~$1100 more.

Please post your feedback once you get situated with Maverick. I did look at the phono when I was considering F&R Montrose turntable.