Phonostage question ...

Now that I have made my decision on a new analog set-up, (Avid Volvare, Tri-Planar arm, Helicon cart), to replace my Nottingham Interspace w/Dynavector Karat, I was thinking wheather I should consider upgrading my Rogue Stealth phonostage.

I've got a Rogue amp/pre and the synergy works well with the Stealth and Interspace. I've yet to try it with the new stuff (which is coming). I don't have an opportunity to audition phonostages.

Now that I've entered a higher level, what should I think of phonostage wise? Is the reward worth the $$$? Should I stick with the Rogue? Thanks for any ideas.
My advice is to try it out for a couple of weeks with your Rogue. If after that you feel the Rogue is lacking something, then you can always upgrade. You can then look for a phono stage that addresses your current phono stages weaknesses. This will also allow you get a good feel for the differences between your existing Rogue phono stage and a potential phono stage, as you will probably have both in your system for a bit before you sell the one that you like the least. (And, if you buy used equipment, you can typically try out said equipment for a couple of weeks for only the cost of shipping, as you should be able to resell it for about the same cost, or sometimes slightly more if you are a shrewd buyer!)

My 2 cents worth anyway. (This is my standard method of upgrading components in my system).
Thanks Kurt. My quandry is how do I know the Rogue will lack something worthy of purchasing something else? Your idea of buying, testing and reselling is a good one but I admit that's a lot of work just to demo. I've done it but it's not my strength.

Anyone care to hazard a guess as to what percent of ones analog budget should be devoted to a phonostage? Is there a certain price point where a phonostage is worthy of a high end (10k retail) system?
I can not comment about the Rogue, but can share with you what made a huge difference in my system. I went from a Manley Steelhead to an Aesthetix IO Signature, 2 power supplies with NOS tubes.
I've also used other phono sections with excellent results, but the IO sounds more dynamic, offers considerable micro detail, sweet extended highs and bass to pin you to your chair.
If you start with a stock IO, which comes with a seperate power suply, it can be updated to a Signature and an additional power supply added when funds permit.
With your front end, the improvement will be huge.

I'd say in a high end system, the phono stage is very important, and a good guide might be to spend at least as much as the cartridge cost, and possibly up to 2 times the cost of your cartridge. At your level, an Aesthetix IO (used) might be a good selection. It is one of the best phonostages made, and would do your phono rig justice. I have seen them for about $2750 on the A'gon classifieds.
I have personally owned the rogue audio magnum preamp, although it is a very interesting pre. there is no doubt in my mind you can find a phono section you like better. I have compared it to ARC ref 2 mark 2 and I purchased the ARC. The ARC was much more dynamic and rich there was really little comparison. Although I do not think the arc had a phono section in it. This leads to the next pre with phono section. Atma-sphere mp1, I purchased this on AG simply because I had a atma-sphere amp., and wanted to try the combination. This is the combination that just seemed sing, It is very musical and really brought a level of enjoyment I did not experience before. The MP 1 pre, has a phono section in it and I hope it is as satisfying as the line stage. (I am putting together a TT over the next month or so) Componets I would look at are: Tom Evans the groove(phono section), Manley steal head pre/phono, Atma-sphere mp 1. (I am presently gathering phono equipt to set up a tt), the members of AG have been very helpful with information. Good luck with your system.
You may want to check out the Hagerman Trumpet phono with S&B transformer. The combination will run around $2800 and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. This way you could do a direct comparison with the Rogue and return the Hagerman if it does not suit you. Once you have heard the Trumpet though it is unlikely that you would want to return it.
I would concur with those that suggested hear your new system first and listen to it for a while. It will permit you to have a better idea of what you have. Having said that you will likely then want to hear better stages but at least you will have a starting point to compare with. There are a multitude of very good stages out there.
I have just gone through this exercise and the difference was enormous.
Thanks for the help. I will stick with my present phonostage for a while and hear what's what. I've already started reading up on all your suggestions. Thanks again.