Phonostage for Rega P10

Purchased a Rega P10 and now I'm thinking of upgrading my Rogue Audio Ares phono preamp to the Allnic H-1202.
My understanding regarding the Rega is that its performance is so good, a top shelf phono preamp would serve it well, not that the Rogue is inadequate but I don't have a lot of experience with phono preamps as I've owned only 2 in my life.
Thanks for your feedback.
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For one cartridge JLTi mk4 or mk5 is much better phono stage than Gold Note PH-10 which is not cheap at all with PSU-10 (power supply). If the budget is not the issue then unused 2nd input on PH-10 (and digital interface) is what you extra pay for.

JLTi Phono stage with one input with gain switch and optional RCA plug load resistors will cost less ($890 / AU$1490)), but the sound is even better. No limits with RCA plug load resistors for LOMC (better than Gold Note). The JLTi can be modified by the manufacturer and after this mod MM cartridge can be unloaded (100k Ohm instead of 47kOhm), you can't do that with Gold Note.  

I have the Rega P10 with Apheta 3 cartridge.  I’m using it with a Luxman EQ-500 vacuum tube phonostage and I love it.  I replaced the stock tubes with some NOS Brimars and current production Gold Lions.  It sounds great and it offers a lot of flexibility.  I got a dealer demo in mint condition for almost 50% off.  It’s quieter than the SS Rega Aria that it replaced and sounds a lot better.
The Luxman EQ-500 is an intriguing option. If I found one 50% off I would buy it too!
I bought a new phono stage myself about a year and half ago and ended up with the H-1202. I’ve heard a lot of great phono stages through the years and auditioned several more in the process of making a choice, but for me the Allnic was the one which stood out. It wasn’t the best, but for me the EQ-500 (which did take the top slot) didn’t offer nearly sufficient improvement to defend the huge difference in price.

I also listened to the Herron and while it’s an outstanding piece for the price, I simply preferred the Allnic. The Herron was exceedingly clean and neutral, more like a really excellent solid state stage, while I found the H-1202 to be equally competent, but with just the right amount of tube DNA to hit my personal sweet spot. A little extra sweetness, a little more body, a little more magic and no discernible downsides.

For this you give up the infinite adjustment which the Herron offers by way of it’s loading plugs, but that was a non-issue for me. The lack of tube "magic" could no doubt be ameliorated through tube rolling, but I have no interest in spending months, years and thousands upon thousands of ...(insert currency)... on re-discovering what the Allnic already provided out of the box.

My personal opinion is that if you want a tube phono stage, these two offer the best performance/price ratio - by a country mile. You give up very little sound quality compared to the very best, for a price that could almost be called moderate.

If you want one that is exceedingly neutral and infinitely flexible, the Herron is a no-brainer. If you want to hear that tubes are involved right out of the box and have no need for infinite fine-tuning, the same is true of the Allnic.

Better phono stages are certainly available, but unequivocal improvement will cost you big-time.
I'm interested in reading what your sonic experience is with the Luxman when its signal is passing through your new tube configuration.  I've read elsewhere that a Luxman owner switched in a Siemens tube array. Could I also ask what you're using as your phono stage => preamp interconnect. Thank you!