Phonostage for Rega P10

Purchased a Rega P10 and now I'm thinking of upgrading my Rogue Audio Ares phono preamp to the Allnic H-1202.
My understanding regarding the Rega is that its performance is so good, a top shelf phono preamp would serve it well, not that the Rogue is inadequate but I don't have a lot of experience with phono preamps as I've owned only 2 in my life.
Thanks for your feedback.
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Since you like tube, I would have one of these on my radar.

It was "flavor of the month" in the forums years ago.

Based on reviews, the Ares is a nice unit. I demoed the 1201 years ago, great phonostage.
I'd 2nd the NVO. Been using one myself and it's a keeper. Listening to it as I type.
Thanks for the suggestion. Looks like an interesting, great sounding unit. 
I did locate an Allnic 1202 for $2200 with the NVO being double that or nearly.

Seems like there's so many great phono stages out there it's difficult to discern a good compliment for the Rega. I've thought about the Pass as well but my budget was compromised with the cost of the TT!
Moving to another tubed stage in a similar price point may be a lateral move. Naturally there will be sonic differences, but you may hear them as too sublte, and not worth the hassle.

You may have to take the leap $$ to hear dramatic difference with your existing phonostage. YMMV.
What is it about the Ares you find deficient? All the reviews both user and reviewer are positive. Tube roll and power cord are the last ditch efforts before a new upgrade?