Phonostage comparisons

I was able to compare 3 phono stages in my system. The stock phono board in my Modwright LS100, an EAR 834P (MC Version) and a PS Audio GCPH. I likes the EAR the best of the three. I also listened to the PS Audio Stellar but not at the same time so I cant say if I would have liked it better than the EAR. Question is what tube phono is comparable to the EAR. I like the glorious tube sound so I guess I am not necessarily looking for neutral lol. Suggestions? Modwright PH 9.0? ATA? Thanks.
I found the Manley Chinook to have that full-bodied tube sound that you’re looking for. 
You can't go wrong with any of the usual suspects. Herron,Manley,Zesto,Rogue...
I haven't tried the Rogue, but the 3 others. All have more in common than being different to my ears, so budget would probably be the most important factor. All will make whatever cart used, perform their best.
I'd look at something used, for the best value. I see the Manley come up often. Get one for half or near  MSRP.
I ended up with a used Art Audio Vinyl Reference. Dont have much listening time on it but sounds promising. 
Good choice. I heard one at CAF and it sounded nice in an all Art Audio system.  In other words the system sounded good.  
I have been living with my Vinyl Reference for about 3 weeks now and it is really a fine phonostage. I felt I gambled a bit as I did not know much about the company and the product but mow after learning about Kevins background and history in designing audio products I believe I not only made the right decision but got a steal. I haven't listened to digital n a month lol