Phonomena vs. AcousTech PH-1 phono pre amp?

Does anyone know if the Musical Surroundings Phonomena or the AcousTech PH-1 would be the best sound. I am looking to get a Music Hall MMF-7 with Goldring cartridge and will be using it with my Krell pre amp. I want to not be looking to upgrade and be a great match for this system. If you know of others I should consider for up to $1200, please suggest them to. Thank you for your input on this.
I couldn't find any good spec material on the Musical Surroundings unit. I did find that the AcousTech unit has correct gain and loading for your Goldring cartridge, whether you have the high-output or low-output. It will match either way. I cannot offer listening test opinions, since I have not heard either unit.
I had an AcousTech for about a year before going with tubes. I thought it was an excellent phono stage. I have not heard the Phonomena.
I have no particularly comparision data, but I have the Phonomena. It is quite adjustable, and should be able to match your cartridge. The Phonomena is what I'd call a good phono stage, in that it is fairly detailed and passes a fairly open sound with no boominess. I haven't compared it to anything you're after, but compared to the Jeff Rowland Cadence, it's much lighter in the bass, not as "black", and not as detailed. For the 6x in price differential, that's no surprise, I suppose. This is the only direct comparision I have.

Compared to a somewhat better cartridge (Benz Glider vs Benz Ace) the Aesthetix tube phono amp and a far more expensive table/arm (Basis 2500 vs Basis 1400), there's not much comparison. I heard more full-bodied tone throughout the range, significantly better dynamics, somewhat better blackness, increased "speed" and better detail. I'm not sure what I'd attributed that to, since there were a lot of changes.

Compared to the vastly less expensive Rotel RQ-970, there is also no comparison: the Phonomena has it in just about every sonic dimension, plus it also has the advantage of handling MC cartridge output. Again, for around a 9x difference in price, I'm not surprised at all.
Monolithic is about in the same league with the Black Cube. You also might check into the Trichord Dino, and Trichord Delphini. For tube units you could look into the Wright Sound, and the EAR 834.

Without trying to offend, you might even consider a good used tube preamp with phono stage. You can get one for about the same money as what you will spend on a good phono stage alone. Audible Illusions is a good value on the used market.
I have a Monolithic Sound PS-1. The advantage is that you can buy its plain vanilla version (like I did) and then add the outboard dual mono power supply. This, in turn, can be sent to MODWRIGHT for modification. Dan Wright uses two phono stages in his system: a Monolithic and an EAR 834. I think he prefers the EAR but then again, Dan is *heavily* into tubes. Comments from around say they're prety much similar, the Monolithic beign quieter.

I considered the Black Cube and the Phonomena, but my psychic powers told me to get the Monolithic...

This I know from a personal phone call: Greg Schug of Monolithic told me he is working on a hybrid phono stage better than the PS-1. It should then be killer, knowing what kind of products he throws out...