Phonomena II power supply question

hey guys and gals,
I just picked up a Musical Surroundings Phonomena II in Audiogon, but it's still not here.

I'm looking to find a linear regulated psu to go with it, but I can't seem to find any info regarding the power requirements other than, it's 24vdc 200ma into the box.

Can anyone help?
I'm looking at a few options on the bay, but the have different amperages.
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Mike - I don't have ay experience w/ any of the units you listed but they all look like they would look fine for your needs considering the low power requirements of the incoming pre.

I did recently purchase a LPS from Swagman labs (also in HK) for my pre and was very impressed with the results versus the stock wall wart,  The reason that I went w/ Swagman is that my unit had a very unusual AC voltage requirement, and Swagman will build any custom configuration to suit your needs.

No matter what LPS you choose, I would imagine that you will be happy with the upgrade.

I would call Musical Surroundings in CA and ask someone about what they are using or reccommending.
I think its 24V....I called MS some time ago... he said just match the stats on the walwart and you’re fine.

Also.... look at